Volume & Issue: Volume 2023, January, January 2023 
Evaluation of the negative effects of opium tincture on memory and hippocampal neurons in the presence of chicory extract

Pages 1-6

Alireza Bakhshayesh; Roghayeh Eslami Farsani; Reihaneh Seyedebrahimi; Shima Ababzadeh; Fatemeh Heidari; Mohsen Eslami Farsani

Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices of health care professionals working in jumbo COVID care center towards mental health care needs: A cross sectional survey

Pages 1-5

Neelam N Andrade; Minal Madhukar Kshirsagar; Tanvi Andrade; Vaibhav V Bandgar; Sandeep Pimpale; Ankush Chavan

A rare case of humerus synovial sarcoma originated from bone tissue: Case report

Pages 1-4

Mohsen Heidari; Mehdi Izadi; Saeed Hatami

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in viral infections disease, specially COVID-19

Pages 1-6

Narges Chamkouri; Forouzan Absalan; Zahra Koolivand; Mahsa Yousefi

Therapeutic utilization of zinc supplementation concurrent with ozone therapy ameliorates diabetic foot ulcer and attenuates serum level of C-reactive protein- A case report study

Pages 1-3

Reza Dadfar; Layasadat Khorsandi; Reza Goujani; Seyyed Farid Mousavi; Zahra Aslani

Hormone therapy with or without platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for treatment Asherman syndrome; A randomized clinical trial

Pages 1-5

Elham Naghshineh; Safoura Rouholamin; Zahra Derakhshandeh

Antidepressants and the risk of psoriasis induction: A case–control study

Pages 1-6

Seyedeh-Fatemeh Sadatmadani; Amir Hossein Siadat; Fariba Iraji; Fereshteh Alsahebfosoul

Diagnostic value of epigastric ultrasound and suprasternal notch ultrasound in comparison with standard capnography in confirmation of endotracheal tube placement after intubation

Pages 1-6

Saeed Majidinejad; Farhad Heydari; Mohamadreza Asadolahian

Thalidomide for the treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia: A randomized controlled clinical trial

Pages 1-7

Babak Amra; Farzaneh Ashrafi; Mehdi Torki; Marzieh Hashemi; Mohamad Shirzadi; Forogh Soltaninejad; Somayeh Sadeghi; Mehrzad Salmasi; Ramin Sami; Ali Darakhshandeh; Maryam Nasirian; Samaneh Pourajam

A comparative study of the effect of low-dose epinephrine and ketamine on rapid-sequence endotracheal intubation by the priming dose method of cisatracurium in patients under general anesthesia

Pages 1-8

Hamid Hajigholam Saryazdi; Azim Honarmand; Behzad Nazemroaya; Pouyan Naderi Afshar

Does opioid addiction influence clinical and angiographic outcomes in STEMI patients undergoing emergency PCI?

Pages 1-6

Afshin Amirpour; Mohammad Kermani-Alghoraishi; Fereshteh Sattar; Hamidreza Roohafza; Javad Shahabi; Reihaneh Zavar; Masoumeh Sadeghi

Magnesium supplementation may not be protective against carboplatin-induced nephrotoxicity but may be beneficial for children suffering malignancies: A randomized clinical trial

Pages 1-7

Marzie Alizadeh Hadadhania; Kazem Ghaffari; Abdorrahim Absalan; Aygin Eghbali; Roghayeh Rahimi Afzal; Ali Ghasemi; Aziz Eghbali

Cytomegalovirus specific cell-mediated immunity status in women with preeclampsia: A case-control study

Pages 1-5

Roya Sherkat; Zahra Shahshahan; Maryam Kalatehjari; Majid Yaran; Maryam Nasirian; Somayeh Najafi; Neda Pari Zangeneh; Sahar Memar Montazerin

Multicentricity in different molecular subtypes of breast cancer: A cross-sectional study in Isfahan

Pages 1-5

Azar Baradaran; Maryam Derakhshan; Saba Raeisi; Sina Neshat; Sina Raeisi

Quality assessment of computed tomography images using a channelized hoteling observer: Optimization of protocols in clinical practice

Pages 1-9

Mohammad Reza Choopani; Iraj Abedi; Fatemeh Dalvand

Comparison of the effect of intravenous fentanyl with low-dose ketamine on pain relief in patients taking methadone and suffering from limb fractures

Pages 1-6

Mohsen Forghani; Mohammad Nasr Esfahani; Marzie Vali

A process evaluation of the Isfahan antibiotic awareness campaign: Developing engagement on antimicrobial resistance

Pages 1-4

Soodabeh Rostami; Nazila Kassaian; Zary Nokhodian; Behrooz Ataei; Ali Zamanimoghadam; Parto Nasri; Shahrzad Ahangarzadeh; Zohreh Tahvilian; Parisa Shoaei; Kiana Shahzamani; Fatemeh Khoshdel Hashemi

Evaluation of the effect of carvedilol in preventing right ventricular dysfunction in breast cancer patients receiving anthracycline

Pages 1-5

Mersede Karvandi; Mojtaba Ghadyani; Nahid Mohebbi; Mehdi Tabarraee; Sina Salari

A comparative analysis of dominant dietary patterns in patients with and without oral squamous cell carcinoma

Pages 1-6

Seyed Mohammad Razavi; Gholamreza Askari; Zahra Zahiri; Zahra Heidari; Forooz Keshani

Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in pre-exposure severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 prophylaxis among high-risk healthcare workers: A multicenter study

Pages 1-4

Elahe Nasri; Hamed Fakhim; Mehrdad Salahi; Safiyeh Ghafel; Samane Pourajam; Ali Darakhshandeh; Nazila Kassaian; Somayeh Sadeghi; Behrooz Ataei; Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard; Afsane Vaezi

The effect of two different dexmedetomidine doses on the prevention of nausea and vomiting in discectomy surgery under spinal anesthesia

Pages 1-10

Negar Khanahmad; Zahra Rahimi; Mehrdad Masoudifar; Behzad Nazemroaya

Quality of professional life and its association with emotional well-being among COVID-19 physicians and nurses

Pages 1-6

Reza Azizkhani; Azita Azimi Meibody; Ahmad Sadeghi; Gloria Meibody-Tabar; Fleuria Flechon-Meibody; Behrooz Ataei; Soheila Kouhestani