Volume & Issue: Volume 2023, March, March 2023 
The impact of maternal predisposing factors on level of maternal serum pregnancy-associated plasma protein A and free subunit human chorionic gonadotropin and nuchal translucency

Pages 1-5

Maryam Mirsafaie; Majid Kheirollahi; Lida Moghaddam-Banaem

The impact of individual factors on health information-seeking behavior of infertile couples undergoing assisted reproductive technologies: Longo model

Pages 1-6

Nader Alishan Karami; Masoomeh Latifi; Nilofar Berahmand; Fatemeh Eini; Mohammed N Al-Suqri

In Vitro study of the leishmanicidal activity of perovskia abrotanoides terpenoid-rich fractions against Leishmania major (MRHO/IR/75/ER)

Pages 1-5

Masoud Sadeghi Dinani; Seyed A Emarati Noushabadi; Fatemeh Namdar; Parastoo Hassani Abharian; SH Hejazi; Zahra Sebghatollahi

Evaluation of tenascin expression in ameloblastoma, odontogenic keratocyst, and dentigerous cyst by immunohistochemistry

Pages 1-6

Narges Ghazi; Nasrollah Saghravanian; Majid Mirhashemi; Abolfazl Abedini Ardakani

Development and evaluation of a self-care application based on herbal medicine for skin and hair diseases

Pages 1-7

Leila Shahmoradi; Nakisa Izadi; Laila Shirbeigi; Reza Nazari; Sorayya Rezayi

Analysis of operated patients with ocular trauma: A 10-year retrospective study

Pages 1-5

Farshad Ostadian; Fereydoun Farrahi; Mohammad Zolfaghari; Seyed M Latifi

Relation of social support status and social health in people with drug abuse

Pages 1-5

Afsaneh Nourafkan; Zahra Amini

Neurovascular structures at risk during surgical access to trigeminal ganglion and meckel's cave – An anatomical study

Pages 1-6

Prashant Chaware; Venkatasurya Kumar; Ankit Srivastava; Sumit Raj; Bertha A D. Rathinam

Anti-leishmaniasis effect of Staphylococcus aureus Protein A on the size of the lesion and parasitic load

Pages 1-6

Zahra Tavalaei; Mehrdad Zeinalian; Hossein Khanahmad; Hossein Hejazi

Evaluation of herbal hair lotion loaded with rosemary for possible hair growth in C57BL/6 mice

Pages 1-8

Asia Begum; Sandhya S; Anoop Kumar N; Syed S Ali

Effect of music during general anesthesia on anesthetic consumption during vitrectomy surgery

Pages 1-6

Ardeshir Tajbakhsh; Sohrab Salimi; Narsis Daftarian; Dariush Abtahi

Comparison of the effect of preoperative oral tizanidine and pregabalin on shoulder pain in laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anesthesia

Pages 1-5

Shahryar Sane; Shahram Sayyadi; Rahman Abbasivash; Seyfollah Rezaei; Ashkan Azadfar; Sohrab Salimi

Comparative study of the effect of two different doses of dexmedetomidine to prevent emergence agitation in tonsillectomy in children aged 2 to 12 years old

Pages 1-5

Sedighe Shahhosseini; Hossein Naderi Boldaji; Hamidreza Shetabi; Amir Shafa

Genotypic patterns of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii: A systematic review

Pages 1-15

Golnar Rahimzadeh; Mohammad S Rezai; Fereshteh Farshidi

Heart rate variability among healthy untrained adults during mild intensity stationary cycling exercise

Pages 1-6

Varun Malhotra; Avinash E Thakare; Sandeep M Hulke; Danish Javed; Ashish K Dixit; Santosh L Wakode; Francisco Cidral