Volume & Issue: Volume 2012, July, July 2012 
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using autologous hamstring single-bundle Rigidfix technique compared with single-bundle Transfix technique

Pages 1-4

Hamid Mousavi; Majid Mohammadi

Fibro-osseous pseudotumor of the digit

Pages 1-3

Mohammad Javdan; Mohammad Ali Tahririan

The association of anti-CCP1 antibodies with disease activity score 28 (DAS-28) in rheumatoid arthritis

Pages 1-4

Mansoor Karimifar; Mansour Salesi; Ziba Farajzadegan

Proliferative index using Ki-67 index in reactive mesothelial versus metastatic adenocarcinoma cells in serous fluid

Pages 1-4

Noushin Afshar Moghaddam; Alireza Rahmani; Diana Taheri; Mojtaba Mokhber Desfuli

Effect of N-acetyl cysteine in prevention of contrast nephropathy on patients under intravenous pyelography and contrast CT

Pages 1-4

Ali Momeni; Mahmood Mirhoseini; Faramarz Mohamadali Beigi; Mohamad Rajaei Esfahani; Soleiman Kheiri; Masoud Amiri; Zahra Seidain

Viral and nonviral delivery systems for gene delivery

Pages 1-11

Nayerossadat Nouri; Maedeh Talebi; Abas Ali Palizban

Effect of Royal Jelly on spatial learning and memory in rat model of streptozotocin-induced sporadic Alzheimer's disease

Pages 1-6

Zohre Zamani; Parham Reisi; Hojjatallah Alaei; Ali Asghar Pilehvarian

Correlation between timing of tracheostomy and duration of mechanical ventilation in patients with potentially normal lungs admitted to intensive care unit

Pages 1-4

Mehrdad Masoudifar; Omid Aghadavoudi; Lida Nasrollahi

A comparative study of aggrecan synthesis between natural articular chondrocytes and differentiated chondrocytes from adipose derived stem cells in 3D culture

Pages 1-7

Malek Masoud Ansar; Ebrahim Esfandiariy; Mohmmad Mardani; Batool Hashemibeni; Sayeed Hamid Zarkesh-Esfahani; Masoud Hatef; Azadeh Kabiri

Wegener`s granulomatosis and mucoromycosis: A case study and review of literature

Pages 1-4

Sayyed Mojtaba Abtahi; Mohammadreza Omrani; Mansoor Karimifar; Afrooz Eshaghian; Maryam Kachuei; Azarmidokht Momeni

Evaluating validity of clinical criteria for requesting chest X-rays in trauma patients referred to emergency room

Pages 1-5

A Nejati; S Khalaj; Reza Azizkhani; Shahriar Shahryarian; Mohsen Kolahdouzan; Seyyed Hossein Montazer

In silico design, construction and cloning of Trastuzumab humanized monoclonal antibody: A possible biosimilar for Herceptin

Pages 1-6

Soudabeh Akbarzadeh-Sharbaf; Bagher Yakhchali; Zarrin Minuchehr; Mohammad Ali Shokrgozar; Sirous Zeinali

Ureteropelvic junction obstruction presenting after antireflux surgery

Pages 1-3

Farshid Alizadeh; Mohammad Hossein Izadpanahi; Mohammad Hatef Khorrami; Kia Nouri-Mahdavi

Assessment of relationship between active ulcerative colitis and cytomegalovirus infection among Iranian patients

Pages 1-3

Mojgan Mokhtari; Hamid Tavakkoli; Azita Rafiee; Ramin Dibaj

Isolation and phenotypic identification of non-tuberculous mycobacteria existing in Isfahan different water samples

Pages 1-5

Bahram Nasr Esfahani; Ensieh Sarikhani; Shrareh Moghim; Jamshid Faghri; Hossein Fazeli; Ghasemian Safee Hagieh; Nafiseh Sadat Hoseini; Tahmineh Narimani; Farzaneh Sadeghi; Nima Bahador; Fatemeh Zarkesh