Volume & Issue: Volume 2023, February, February 2023 
Toll-like receptor 7 a novel non-invasive inflammatory genetic sensor for ulcerative colitis remission monitoring

Pages 1-7

Hamid Asadzadeh-Aghdaei; Leili Rejali; Mahyar Nourian; Vahid Chaleshi; Naghmeh Zamani; Shaghayegh Baradaran-Ghavami; Mohsen Nemati; Shabnam Shahrokh; Mohsen Norouzinia; Massoud Vosough; Ehsan Nazemalhosseini-Mojarad; Mohammadreza Zali

Effect of nasturtium extract on oral cancer

Pages 1-6

Amid B Nilash; Jahanfar Jahanbani; Maryam Jolehar

Identification of cancer/testis antigens related to gastric cancer prognosis based on co-expression network and integrated transcriptome analyses

Pages 1-7

Sara Ansari; Parvaneh Nikpour

Diagnosis of coronary artery disease based on machine learning algorithms support vector machine, artificial neural network, and random forest

Pages 1-8

Saeed Saeedbakhsh; Mohammad Sattari; Maryam Mohammadi; Jamshid Najafian; Farzaneh Mohammadi

Anti-biofilm potential of Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus rhamnosus cell-free supernatant extracts against Staphylococcus aureus

Pages 1-8

Navid Saidi; Horieh Saderi; Parviz Owlia; Mohammad Soleimani

Is coronavirus one of the new etiologies of facial nerve paralysis? A case report study

Pages 1-3

Milad Masaeli; Abbas Taher

Determination of the effectiveness of epinephrine spray on the papillae in preventing pancreatitis after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Pages 1-6

Mohammad Karami; Bahman Salemi; Mohammad Shafigh Ardestani

Frequency of human platelet antigens −1 to −5 and −15 in Turkmen blood donors

Pages 1-6

Maedeh Nozarimirarkolaei; Maryam Dadashi; Ali Ghasemi; Shahram Samiee; Mojgan Shaeigan; Maryam Zadsar

The effect of switching from volume-controlled to pressure-controlled ventilation on respiratory distress and asynchrony index improvement among mechanically ventilated adults

Pages 1-6

Mahmoud Saghaei; Saeed Abbasi; Babak Alikiaii; Sayed Hamid Pakzad Moghadam

A comparative study of the effect of intravenous morphine and ketorolac on pain control in patients with renal colic

Pages 1-6

Seyed Mehdi Pourafzali; Abdolrahim Sanei; Ali Abdolrazaghnejad; Elahe Poursadra

Hypothyroidism evaluation after radiotherapy of breast and supraclavicular in patients with breast cancer

Pages 1-6

Mohammad R Karimijavid; Abdolazim S Pashaki; Shiva Borzouei; Elham Khanlarzadeh; Mohammad H Gholami; Safoora Nikzad

Bacterial superinfection and antibiotic management in patients with COVID-19 admitted to intensive care medicine in central Iran: A follow-up study

Pages 1-5

Zary Nokhodian; Soodabeh Rostami; Parisa Zeraatei; Marzieh Rahimkhorasani; Saeed Abbasi; Somayeh Sadeghi

Construction and periplasmic expression of a bispecific tandem scFv for dual targeting of immune checkpoints

Pages 1-5

Amirreza Rashti; Vajihe Akbari

Analysis of the reporting requirements of clinical case reports dedicated Journals: Towards updating the CARE guideline

Pages 1-12

Abolfazl Taheri; Peyman Adibi; Alireza Abbasi; Mojtaba Sabbagh Jaffari; Alireza Rahimi

The level of serum osmolarity at admission in prognosis of nosocomial mortality in patients with severe brain trauma

Pages 1-5

Maryam Ziaei; Mehdi Galavi; Alireza Bahmani; Ali Abdolrazaghnejad

Is chronic kidney disease, a predictor of in-hospital mortality in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients?

Pages 1-9

Firouzeh Moeinzadeh; Vahideh Raeisi; Media Babahajiani; Mojgan Mortazavi; Samaneh Pourajam; Shiva Seirafian; Mohammad Shirzadi; Shahram Taheri; Mehrdad Salahi; Marjan Mansourian; Arash Toghyani; Zahra Zamani

The value of inferior vena cava ultrasonography administration for hypovolemia detection in patients with acute kidney injury hospitalized in intensive care unit

Pages 1-5

Saeed Abbasi; Kourosh Nemati; Babak Alikiaii; Mahmood Saghaei

Evaluating daily cell-phone use in elderly and its effect on lifestyle, Isfahan comprehensive health care centers

Pages 1-5

Zahra Amini Pozveh; Ashkan Shariat; Neda Tavakoli Moghadam

Effectiveness of using face masks and personal protective equipment to reducing the spread of COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis of case–control studies

Pages 1-8

Maryam Hajmohammadi; Amal Saki Malehi; Elham Maraghi

Comparison of success rate and safety of nasotracheal intubation by conventional and finger-guided method in patients undergoing maxillofacial surgery

Pages 1-7

Seyed Jalal Hashemi; Hamidreza Shetabi; Reihanak Talakoub; Avishan Aminizad

Evaluation of the relative frequency of Epstein–Barr virus infection in patients with recurrent breast cancer compared with patients with nonrecurrent breast cancer

Pages 1-5

Reza Eshraghi Samani; Masoumeh Safaee; Pardis Nematollahi; Babak Amraei

What are the effects of climate variables on COVID-19 pandemic? A systematic review and current update

Pages 1-20

Malihe Moazeni; Mohammad Rahimi; Afshin Ebrahimi

Examination of the topical effect of the combination of Plantago ovata and vinegar on the improvement of rural cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions

Pages 1-7

Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh Ardakani; Majid Emtiazy; Mohammad Hassan Lotfi; Mehrdad Mousavi

SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence among health-care workers in Isfahan, Iran

Pages 1-5

Soodabeh Rostami; Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard; Zary Nokhodian; Nazila Kassaian; Ali Zamani; Zohreh Tahvilian; Parto Nasri; Maryam Nasirian; Behrooz Ataei

Comparison of the effectiveness of two types of commercial endotracheal tube holders, with the conventional method in a manikin model

Pages 1-7

Mehdi Nasr Isfahani; Alireza Abootalebi; Khatere Ghaznavi; Leila Kamali Dolatabadi

The effect of Vitamin D supplement on the relapsing incidence of rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis after fuctional endoscpoic sinus surgery

Pages 1-6

Hossein Ghazavi; Sayed Mostafa Hashemi; Samaneh Jafari

The effects of 4-week aerobic exercise on the levels of CCL2, CCL5, and their respective receptors in female BALB/C mice suffering from breast cancer

Pages 1-5

Mehrnoosh Esmailiyan; Mehdi Kargarfard; Fahimeh Esfarjani; Golnaz Vaseghi; Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard; Atefeh Amerizadeh

Effect of pioglitazone on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in morbid obese patients; a randomized controlled trial

Pages 1-5

Masoud Sayadishahraki; Sam Mirfendereski; Ali Kachuei; Aryan Rafiee Zadeh; Abbas Mirghaderi

Comparing the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral group therapy and mindfulness and acceptance group therapy for adults who stutter: A randomized clinical trial

Pages 1-6

Soroush Khoshnam; Banafsheh Gharraee; Ahmad Ashouri

Effect of 5'-fluoro-2'-deoxycytidine and sodium butyrate on the gene expression of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway, p21, p27, and p53 genes expression, cell viability, and apoptosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines

Pages 1-10

Masumeh Sanaei; Fraidoon Kavoosi; Mohsen Safari