Volume & Issue: Volume 2022, july, July 2022 
Evaluation of diagnostic accuracy of alpha-fodrin antibody in Iranian patients with Sjogren's disease

Pages 1-5

Alireza Rostamian; Azar Baradaran; Peyman Mottaghi; Mansour Salesi; Mansour Karimifar; Vahid Mansouri

The prominent role of miR-942 in carcinogenesis of tumors

Pages 1-11

Negar Yadegar; Zahra Dadashi; Kimiya Shams; Mahdis Mohammadi; Mahya Abyar; Milad Rafat

Evaluation of growth hormone deficiency in children with cystic fibrosis

Pages 1-4

Mohsen Reisi; Niloufar Sharif Ahmadian; Mahin Hashemipour; Neda Mostofizadeh; Majid Keivanfar; Elham Hashemi

Investigating the effect of zinc on the prevention of acute peripheral neuropathy in cancer patients treated with taxanes

Pages 1-5

Ali Haji Gholami; Hourieh Ansari; Farshad Fardani

α-Pinene influence on pulpal pain-induced learning and memory impairment in rats via modulation of the GABAA receptor

Pages 1-8

Forouzan Rafie; Razieh Kooshki; Mehdi Abbasnejad; Iran Rahbar; Maryam Raoof; Amir Hossein Nekouei

Extraction and fractionation of the seaweed Sargassum plagyophylum and evaluation of fractions on depression induced by interferon alpha in mice

Pages 1-6

Azadeh Mesripour; Ehsan Gholamzadeh; Afsaneh Yegdaneh

Identification of high death risk coronavirus disease-19 patients using blood tests

Pages 1-8

Elaheh Zadeh Hosseingholi; Saeede Maddahi; Sajjad Jabbari; Ghader Molavi

Comparison the effects of gabapentin and oxazepam on sleep quality, anxiety, and pain in unstable angina patients admitted to coronary care unit of Hazrat Rasool Akram Hospital

Pages 1-6

Mohammadjavad Parvaresh; Mirfarhad Ghalebandi; Kaveh Alavi; Shekoufeh Hajsadeghi; Atefeh Ghanbari Jolfaei