Volume & Issue: Volume 2022, september, September 2022 
Original Article: Comparison the results of hysterosalpangiography in patients with ectopic pregnancy treated by laparoscopic salpingostomy, laparotomy, and treated with methotrexate

Pages 1-5


Behnaz Khani; Mina Ahmadi; Safoura Rouholamin

Original Article: The effect of orexin-2 and endocannabinoid-1 antagonists on neuronal activity of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons in response to tramadol in rats

Pages 1-7


Vajihe Imanpour; Parham Reisi

Original Article: Evaluation of plasma fibrinogen levels before and after coronary artery bypass graft surgery and its association with the need for blood products

Pages 1-6


Azim Honarmand; Keivan Bagheri; Alireza Hoghooghy; Kazem Rezaei

Original Article: The acute effects of different doses of tramadol on neuronal activity of medial prefrontal cortex in rats

Pages 1-5


Neda Hasanpour Razmanjani; Parham Reisi

Original Article: Effect of a 12-week community-based intervention to improve social capital, quality of life, self-care, and health literacy among older people: A quasi-experimental trial

Pages 1-8


Ziba Taherian; Narges Motamedi

Original Article: Possibility of applying heart rate variability as a screening method to high-risk obstructive sleep apnea patients

Pages 1-4


Majid Malekmohammad; Parisa Adimi Naghan; Batoul Khoundabi; Shideh Omidian

Original Article: Relative risk of gastrointestinal cancers in Isfahan County, Iran, 2005–2010

Pages 1-7


Vahid Ahmadipanah; Behzad Mahaki; Maryam Nasirian; Maryam Zamani; Akbar Hassanzadeh

Original Article: Intraoperative chertsey test, is it a reliable alternative to computed tomography scan for diagnosing syndesmotic injuries of the ankle?

Pages 1-6


Shahram Sayyadi; Mohammad Mahdi Omidian; Ali Pourmojarab; Abouzar Khodayi; Mojtaba Baroutkoub; Sohrab Salimi; Alireza Manafi Rasi

Effects of combination therapy with Bunium persicum and Foeniculum vulgare extracts on patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

Fatemeh Aliakbari; Misa Naghdipour Mirsadeghi; Elmira Hashemi; Mohammad Rahimi-Madiseh; Belgheis Mohammadi

Evaluation of the effects of noninvasive ventilation on blood gas and depression levels of patients with obesity hypoventilation syndrome

Atena Nayebi; Zohre Naderi; Ramin Sami; Minou Hashemi; Zahra Aalipoor; Babak Amra