Volume & Issue: Volume 2016, october, October 2016 
Chitosan-myristate nanogel as an artificial chaperone protects neuroserpin from misfolding

Pages 1-6

Habib Nazem; Afshin Mohsenifar; Sahar Majdi

Operative management of acetabular fracture: A 10-year experience in Isfahan, Iran

Pages 1-4

Mohammadreza Etemadifar; Amin Nemati; Mojde Chinigarzade

Evaluating the effectiveness of adding magnesium chloride to conventional protocol of citrate alkali therapy on kidney stone size

Pages 1-5

Hassan Niroomand; Amin Ziaee; Keivan Ziaee; Alaleh Gheissari

Comparing prophylactic effect of phenylephrine and ephedrine on hypotension during spinal anesthesia for hip fracture surgery

Pages 1-5

Rahman Abbasivash; Shahryar Sane; Mitra Golmohammadi; Shahram Shokuhi; Fereshteh Danaye Toosi

Electrical stimulation of prelymbic with different currents intensities on morphine induced spatial memory deficit in rats

Pages 1-6

Shima Mehdipour; Hojjatallah Alaei; Parham Reisi; Vajihe Saedi Marghmaleki

Myocardial capillary density after neuropeptide Y antagonist administration in normal and high-fat diet C57BL6 mice

Pages 1-5

Masoud Alasvand; Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard; Bahman Rashidi; Majid Khazaei

PROTAMINE1 and PROTAMINE2 genes expression in the sperms of oligoasthenospermic individuals and intrauterine insemination candidates couples: Is there any significant differences?

Pages 1-6

Roshanak Aboutorabi; Mohsen Asghari; Abbas Bakhteyari; Shokoofeh Baghazadeh; Fatemeh Sadat Mostafavi

A simple and sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography method for determination of ciprofloxacin in bioavailability studies of conventional and gastroretentive prolonged-release formulations

Pages 1-9

Jaber Emami; Mahboubeh Rezazadeh

A comparison of liquid-based cytology with conventional Papanicolaou smears in cervical dysplasia diagnosis

Pages 1-6

Fatemeh Haghighi; Nahid Ghanbarzadeh; Marziee Ataee; Gholamreza Sharifzadeh; Javid Shahbazi Mojarrad; Fatemeh Najafi-Semnani

The efficacy of fibrin glue injection in the prostatic fossa on decreasing postoperative bleeding following transurethral resection of prostate

Pages 1-4

Mohammad Hatef Khorrami; Farhad Tadaion; Iman Ghanaat; Farshid Alizadeh

Erratum: The effect of Prosopis farcta beans extract on blood biochemical parameters in streptozotocin induced diabetic male rats

Serum, saliva, and GCF concentration of RANKL and osteoprotegerin in smokers versus nonsmokers with chronic periodontitis