Volume & Issue: Volume 2017, February, February 2017 
Malignant Transformation of an Intracranial Extradural Epidermoid Cyst into Squamous Cell Carcinoma Presented with Cerebrospinal Fluid Leakage

Pages 1-3

Bahram Seif; Reza Pourkhalili; Ahmad Shekarchizadeh; Parvin Mahzouni

Identification of Appropriate Housekeeping Genes for Gene Expression Analysis in Long-term Hypoxia-treated Kidney Cells

Pages 1-4

Shiva Moein; Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard; Maryam Abedi; Mohammad Hosein Izadpanahi; Yousof Gheisari

Expression of Estrogen Receptor Alpha in Malignant Melanoma

Pages 1-6

Parvin Rajabi; Marzieh Bagheri; Mohsen Hani

The role of Inflammatory Processes in Occurrence of Left Ventricular Failure in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Pages 1-4

Hassan Shemirani; Sara Tavakol; Abdolamir Atapoor; Jafar Golshahi

Effects of Phlebotomy on Liver Enzymes and Histology of Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Pages 1-5

Mahsa Khodadoostan; Maryam Zamanidoost; Ahmad Shavakhi; Hosein Sanei; Masood Shahbazi; Mehdi Ahmadian

The Efficacy of Augment of D-Cycloserine and Cognitive-behavioral Therapy on Adolescent with one Type of Anxiety Disorders: A Double-blind Randomized Controlled Trial

Pages 1-6

Soroor Arman; Ali Soheilimehr; Mohammad Reza Maracy

Cornea Collagen Cross-linking for Keratoconus: A Comparison between Accelerated and Conventional Methods

Pages 1-4

Hasan Razmjoo; Alireza Peyman; Ali Rahimi; Hoda Jafari Modrek

Solution of Azelaic Acid (20%), Resorcinol (10%) and Phytic Acid (6%) Versus Glycolic Acid (50%) Peeling Agent in the Treatment of Female Patients with Facial Melasma

Pages 1-6

Gita Faghihi; Azam Taheri; Zabihollah Shahmoradi; Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh