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Identification of Candida Species and Antifungal Susceptibility in Cancer Patients with Oral Lesions in Ahvaz, Southern West of Iran

Volume 2020, september, September 2020, Pages 1-7

Mehrnoush Maheronnaghsh; Mahnaz Fatahinia; Parvin Dehghan; Ali Teimoori

Frequency of Cutaneous Fungal Infections and Azole Resistance of the Isolates in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Volume 2017, june, June 2017, Pages 1-5

Omid Raiesi; Mansour Siavash; Faezeh Mohammadi; Javaher Chabavizadeh; Behzad Mahaki; Mehrnoush Maherolnaghsh; Parvin Dehghan

Isolated pulmonary candidiasis in a patient with diabetes mellitus: A rare case report

Volume 2016, August, August 2016, Pages 1-3

Atousa Hakamifard; Farzin Khorvash; Arash Raisi

Identification of Candida species in patients with oral lesion undergoing chemotherapy along with minimum inhibitory concentration to fluconazole

Volume 2016, August, August 2016, Pages 1-5

Mehrnoush Maheronnaghsh; Sepideh Tolouei; Parvin Dehghan; Mostafa Chadeganipour; Maryam Yazdi