Author = Ilnaz Rahimmanesh
Optimization of culture media for ex vivo T-cell expansion for adoptive T-cell therapy

Volume 2022, october, October 2022

Ilnaz Rahimmanesh; Mehrsa Tavangar; Seyedeh Noushin Zahedi; Yadollah Azizi; Hossein Khanahmad Shahreza

Identification of significant genes and pathways associated with tenascin-C in cancer progression by bioinformatics analysis

Volume 2022, February, February 2022, Pages 1-7

Ilnaz Rahimmanesh; Razieh Fatehi; Hossein Khanahmad

Conceptual framework for SARS-CoV-2–related lymphopenia

Volume 2022, February, February 2022, Pages 1-4

Ilnaz Rahimmanesh; Shirin Kouhpayeh; Yadollah Azizi; Hossein Khanahmad