Volume & Issue: Volume 2019, April, April 2019 
Comparison of the Effect of Disease: Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs Alone or in Combination with Biologic Drugs in the Outcome of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pages 1-4

Maryam Mousavi; Hadi Karimzadeh; Farzaneh Mirrokni; Bahram Pakzad

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in Pillar Pain after Carpal Tunnel Release: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial

Pages 1-5

Shila Haghighat; Abolghasem Zarezadeh; Saeed Khosrawi; Adele Oreizi

Comparing the Sensitivity and Specificity of Two-Dimensional Shear Wave Elastography and Fine Needle Aspiration in Determining Malignant Thyroid Nodules

Pages 1-6

Maryam Farghadani; Sayyid Amir Tabatabaei; Roozbeh Barikbin; Armindokht Shahsanai; Maryam Riahinezhad; Saleh Jafarpishe

Designing and Manufacture of Training Simulator for Injecting and Fluid Removing of Knee Joint

Pages 1-2

Bahram Pakzad; Hadi Karimzadeh; Mohammad Dadgostarnia; Maryam Mousavi; Amirhosein Salehi; Mojtaba Akbari

Oral Diazepam in Febrile Seizures Following Acellular Pertussis Vaccination

Pages 1-5

Mohammadreza Ghazavi; Jafar Nasiri; Omid Yaghini; Rose Soltani

Effect of Hydatid Cyst Fluid Antigens on Induction of Apoptosis on Breast Cancer Cells

Pages 1-5

Shima Daneshpour; Amir Hossein Kefayat; Mohammad Reza Mofid; Shahla Rostami Rad; Hossein Yousofi Darani

Ascites-tap Simulator for Abdominal Examination and Removal of Ascites Fluid

Pages 1-2

Bahram Pakzad; Mohammad Dadgostarnia; Amir Hossein Salehi; Mojtaba Akbari

Comparative Effect of Intravenous Ketamine and Electroconvulsive Therapy in Major Depression: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Pages 1-5

Gholamreza Kheirabadi; Maryam Vafaie; Dorna Kheirabadi; Zahra Mirlouhi; Rasam Hajiannasab