Platelet-rich plasma application in chondrogenesis


1 Department of Anatomical Sciences, Paramedical School, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Langeroud, Iran

2 Department of Anatomical Sciences and Molecular Biology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

3 Department of Biology, Molecular and Developmental Division, Faculty of Sciences, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

4 Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), an autologous derivative of whole blood, has been recently used in surgical treatment. PRP contains growth factors including transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β), insulin-like growth factor (IGF), platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and also bioactive proteins that influence the healing of tendon, ligament, muscle, and bone. This article describes the current clinical applications of PRP in chondrogenesis. This study reviews and evaluates the studies that have been published in the field of chondrogenesis. All aspects of using PRP in chondrogenesis are reviewed.


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