A case report of osteochondroma with unusual clinical and imaging presentation


1 Department of Orthopedics, Kashani Hospital, Isfahan Medical University, Isfahan, Iran

2 Processing and Signal Research Center, Department of Radiology, Alzahra Hospital, Isfahan Medical University, Isfahan, Iran

3 Imam Khomeini Hospital, Khomein, Iran

4 Department of Patholgy, Isfahan Medical University, Isfahan, Iran

5 Saint Jeorge Medical School, University of London, London, USA


Osteochondroma or exostosis is a bony developmental anomaly, which arises from exophytic outgrowth on bone surfaces in a characteristic manner. Osteochondroma is asymptomatic and grows away from the nearby joint. This paper reports an unusual presentation of osteochondroma in which the patient was surprisingly completely symptomatic. The lesion grew toward the nearby joint and the radiographic findings were not compatible with surgical findings


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