Short-term result of collagen crosslinking in pellucid marginal degeneration

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Department of Ophthalmology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran


Background: To evaluate effectiveness of collagen crosslinking in pellucid marginal degeneration patients.
Materials and Methods: Twenty-one eyes of 15 patients treated by collagen crosslinking were enrolled in our non-controlled clinical trial study. After evaluation of patients about inclusion and exclusion criteria, preoperative examination was done and then patients underwent CXL procedure and seen 6 months after surgery for postoperative examinations.
Results: Mean preoperative LogMar uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) was 0.63 (SE = 0.08), and mean preoperative LogMar BCVA was 0.26 (SE = 0.04). At 6 months postoperative, mean LogMar UCVA was 0.59 (SE = 0.06) and mean LogMar BCVA was 0.19 (SE = 0.02). The non-parametric test (Wilcoxon) showed reduction of LogMar BCVA was significant (P value = 0.02), but reduction of LogMar UCVA was not significant (P value = 0.5). Mean preoperative K1 was 42.23 ± 2.85 and mean postoperative K1 significantly decreased to 41.68 ± 2.44 (P value = 0.008). Also, mean preoperative K2 was 48.39 ± 2.37 and mean postoperative K2 significantly reduced to 47.64 ± 2.16 (P value = 0.002).
Conclusion: Most remarkable findings of our study were improvement of visual acuity and reduction K1 and K2 parameters. Stability of other values and absence of detectable change after study period implies halting of the progression of the disease. We suggest CXL can be useful for management of PMD, but we need more studies with larger sample size and longer follow up.


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