Keywords = Lactobacillus
Probiotics: A New Era of Biotherapy

Volume 2017, March, March 2017, Pages 1-5

Abhijeet Alok; Indra Deo Singh; Shivani Singh; Mallika Kishore; Prakash Chandra Jha; Md. Asad Iqubal

The influence of impact delivery mode, lactation time, infant gender, maternal age and rural or urban life on total number of Lactobacillus in breast milk Isfahan - Iran

Volume 2015, july, July 2015, Pages 1-7

Mansoureh Taghizadeh; Maryam Mirlohi; Farkhondeh Poursina; Golnoush Madani; Mehri Khoshhali; Nimah Bahreini; Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei