Keywords = Cortisol
Effect of the co-administration of glucose with morphine on glucoregulatory hormones and causing of diabetes mellitus in rats

Volume 2016, February, February 2016, Pages 1-7

Maryam Radahmadi; Mohammad Reza Sharifi; Masoud Amini; Mehrafarin Fesharaki

Attenuation of morphine withdrawal signs, blood cortisol and glucose level with forced exercise in comparison with clonidine

Volume 2014, August, August 2014, Pages 1-5

Majid Motaghinejad; Manijeh Motevalian; Majid Asadi-Ghalehni; Ozra Motaghinejad

Effect of repeated morphine withdrawal on spatial learning, memory and serum cortisol level in mice

Volume 2013, October, October 2013, Pages 1-7

Mahdieh Matinfar; Mahsa Masjedi Esfahani; Neda Aslany; Seyyed Hamid Reza Davoodi; Pouya Parsaei; Ghasem Zarei; Parham Reisi