Author = Abbasi, Saeid
Comparison of Energy and Nutrient Contents of Commercial and Noncommercial Enteral Nutrition Solutions

Volume 2017, october, October 2017, Pages 1-7

Nahid Ramezani Jolfaie; Mohammad Hossein Rouhani; Maryam Mirlohi; Mina Babashahi; Saeid Abbasi; Peiman Adibi; Ahmad Esmaillzadeh; Leila Azadbakht

Comparing the APACHE II score and IBM-10 score for predicting mortality in patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia

Volume 2015, February, February 2015, Pages 1-4

Alireza Emami Naeini; Saeid Abbasi; Somayeh Haghighipour; Kiana Shirani