Author = Farkhondeh Poursina
Evaluation of Biofilm Formation and Frequency of Multidrug-resistant and Extended Drug-resistant Strain in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Burn Patients in Isfahan

Volume 2018, April, April 2018, Pages 1-6

Pourya Nasirmoghadas; Sima Yadegari; Sharareh Moghim; Bahram Nasr Esfahani; Hossein Fazeli; Farkhondeh Poursina; Seyed Abolfazl Hosseininassab; Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei

Biofilm Formation in Nonmultidrug-resistant Escherichia coli Isolated from Patients with Urinary Tract Infection in Isfahan, Iran

Volume 2018, March, March 2018, Pages 1-5

Farkhondeh Poursina; Shima Sepehrpour; Sina Mobasherizadeh

Evaluation of Polymerase Chain Reaction for Detecting Coliform Bacteria in Drinking Water Sources

Volume 2017, october, October 2017, Pages 1-3

Bahram Nasr Isfahani; Hossein Fazeli; Zeinab Babaie; Farkhondeh Poursina; Sharareh Moghim; Meisam Rouzbahani

Detection of Panton-valentine Leukocidin Gene Isoforms of Staphylococcus aureus Isolates in Al-Zahra Hospital, Isfahan-Iran

Volume 2017, july, July 2017, Pages 1-4

Seyed Asghar Havaei; Farkhondeh Poursina; Maryam Ahmadpour; Seyed Roholla Havaei; Meisam Ruzbahani

Distribution of the Strains of Multidrug-resistant, Extensively Drug-resistant, and Pandrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from Burn Patients

Volume 2017, june, June 2017, Pages 1-5

Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei; Sharareh Moghim; Bahram Nasr Isfahani; Hossein Fazeli; Farkhondeh Poursina; Sima Yadegari; Pourya Nasirmoghadas; Seyed Abolfazl Hosseininassab Nodoushan

The influence of impact delivery mode, lactation time, infant gender, maternal age and rural or urban life on total number of Lactobacillus in breast milk Isfahan - Iran

Volume 2015, july, July 2015, Pages 1-7

Mansoureh Taghizadeh; Maryam Mirlohi; Farkhondeh Poursina; Golnoush Madani; Mehri Khoshhali; Nimah Bahreini; Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei

The study of mutation in 23S rRNA resistance gene of Helicobacter pylori to clarithromycin in patients with gastrointestinal disorders in Isfahan - Iran

Volume 2014, March, March 2014, Pages 1-4

Farzad Khademi; Jamshid Faghri; Sharareh Moghim; Bahram Nasr Esfahani; Hossein Fazeli; Farkhondeh Poursina; Peyman Adibi; Masoumeh Madhi; Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei

The mutation of the rdxA gene in metronidazole-resistant Helicobacter pylori clinical isolates

Volume 2014, March, March 2014, Pages 1-6

Nasrin Mirzaei; Farkhondeh Poursina; Sharareh Moghim; Ebrahim Rahimi; Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei