Author = Seyed Taghi Hashemi
Comparing the Efficacy of Two Drugs Senalin and Bisacodyl in Treatment of Constipation in Intensive Care Units' Patients

Volume 2019, February, February 2019, Pages 1-5

Babak Alikiaii; Mohammad Azad Majedi; Seyed Taghi Hashemi; Maryam Kiani

Comparing the effect of intravenous dexamethasone, intravenous ondansetron, and their combination on nausea and vomiting in cesarean section with spinal anesthesia

Volume 2015, october, October 2015, Pages 1-6

Shahryar Sane; Mohammadamin Valizadeh Hasanlui; Rahman Abbasivash; Alireza Mahoori; Seyed Taghi Hashemi; Fahime Rafiei

Paravertebral block using bupivacaine with/without fentanyl on postoperative pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A double-blind, randomized, control trial

Volume 2014, september, September 2014, Pages 1-7

Seyed Jalal Hashemi; Seyed Morteza Heydari; Seyed Taghi Hashemi

Effect of hypertonic saline on hypotension following induction of general anesthesia: A randomized controlled trial

Volume 2014, september, September 2014, Pages 1-6

Parviz Kashefi; Kamran Montazeri; Seyed Taghi Hashemi