Author = Rezvan Salehidoost
Schizophrenia and macroprolactinoma: Is there a deep link?

Volume 2020, August, August 2020, Pages 1-3

Atefeh Bamarinejad; Shidrokh Nasiri; Fatemeh Bamarinejad; Rezvan Salehidoost; Elahe Zare-Farashbandi

Development and Primary Evaluation of a Smartphone Application for Blood Glucose Control in Hospitalized Patients

Volume 2019, july, July 2019, Pages 1-4

Rezvan Salehidoost; Elaheh Mirtallaee; Mansour Siavash

Assessment of the Early and Late Complication after Thyroidectomy

Volume 2019, February, February 2019, Pages 1-6

Esmaeil Chahardahmasumi; Rezvan Salehidoost; Massoud Amini; Ashraf Aminorroaya; Hassan Rezvanian; Ali Kachooei; Bijan Iraj; Masoud Nazem; Mohsen Kolahdoozan