Author = Ansari, Behnaz
Parsonage-Turner syndrome following COVID-19 infection: A rare and unique case

Volume 2022, January, January 2022, Pages 1-3

Behnaz Ansari; Alireza Eishi Oskouei; Firouzeh Moeinzadeh

Prevalence and risk factors of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in Isfahan, Iran

Volume 2021, December, December 2021, Pages 1-5

Behnaz Ansari; Mohammad Saadatnia

Rhabdomyolysis and muscle necrosis induced by lead poisoning

Volume 2020, october, October 2020, Pages 1-5

Behnaz Ansari; Gholamali Dorooshi; Sahar Sadat Lalehzar; Abolfazl Taheri; Rokhsareh Meamar

Epidemiology and Clinical Features of Guillain-Barre Syndrome in Isfahan, Iran

Volume 2018, May, May 2018, Pages 1-5

Behnaz Ansari; Keivan Basiri; Yeganeh Derakhshan; Farzaneh Kadkhodaei; Ali Asghar Okhovat

The Effect of Pregabalin and Metformin on Subacute and Chronic Radiculopathy

Volume 2018, February, February 2018, Pages 1-5

Behnaz Ansari; Majid Ghasemi; Mana Ahmadian; Fariborz Khorvash

The Investigation of Insulin Resistance in Two Groups of Epileptic Patients Treated with Sodium Valproate and Carbamazepine

Volume 2017, March, March 2017, Pages 1-5

Mohammad Reza Najafi; Bahareh Bazooyar; Mohammad Zare; Mohammad Reza Aghaghazvini; Behnaz Ansari; Ali Rajaei; Masoumeh Dashti

'Cuff Sign' a new maneuver for decision-making in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Volume 2015, March, March 2015, Pages 1-6

Keivan Basiri; Saeid Abrishamkar; Farzad Fatehi; Behnaz Ansari; Rokhsareh Meamar

Life-threatening misdiagnosis of bulbar onset myasthenia gravis as a motor neuron disease: How much can one rely on exaggerated deep tendon reflexes

Volume 2015, February, February 2015, Pages 1-4

Keivan Basiri; Behnaz Ansari; Ali Asghar Okhovat

Frontotemporal dementia parkinsonism: Clinical findings in a large Iranian family

Volume 2015, February, February 2015, Pages 1-4

Keivan Basiri; Behnaz Ansari; Rokhsareh Meamar