Author = Neda Mostofizadeh
Evaluation of growth hormone deficiency in children with cystic fibrosis

Volume 2022, july, July 2022, Pages 1-4

Mohsen Reisi; Niloufar Sharif Ahmadian; Mahin Hashemipour; Neda Mostofizadeh; Majid Keivanfar; Elham Hashemi

Cardiovascular risk factors in children and adolescents with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Volume 2021, july, July 2021, Pages 1-6

Elham Hashemi Dehkordi; Sara Khaheshi; Neda Mostofizadeh; Mahin Hashemipour

Correlation between stable hyperglycemia and mortality in children admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit of Imam Hossein Hospital

Volume 2021, January, January 2021, Pages 1-6

Mohsen Reisi; Majid Keivanfar; Neda Mostofizadeh; Yahya Madihi; Yousof Esmaeilian; Elham Hashemi

SOFT Syndrome: The First Case in Iran

Volume 2018, september, September 2018, Pages 1-5

Neda Mostofizadeh; Mahshid Gheidarloo; Mahin Hashemipour; Elham Hashemi Dehkordi

Twin Brothers with Carnitine Membrane Transporter Deficiency: A Case Study

Volume 2018, july, July 2018, Pages 1-5

Elham Hashemi Dehkordi; Payam Sobhani; Nabiolah Asadpour; Mahin Hashemipour; Neda Mostofizadeh

Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in a Child with Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Volume 2018, February, February 2018, Pages 1-3

Neda Mostofizadeh; Serajaddin Arefnia; Mahin Hashemipour; Elham Hashemi Dehkordi

A Case of Tyrosinemia Type III with Status Epilepticus and Mental Retardation

Volume 2018, January, January 2018, Pages 1-3

Reza Najafi; Neda Mostofizadeh; Mahin Hashemipour

Homocystinuria with Stroke and Positive Familial History

Volume 2017, october, October 2017, Pages 1-4

Ali Mazaheri; Neda Mostofizadeh; Mahin Hashemipour