Author = Kolahdouzan, Mohsen
Comparing the effectiveness of bupivacaine administration through chest tube and intercostal blockage in patients with rib fractures

Volume 2022, August, August 2022, Pages 1-5

Mohammad Nasr-Esfahani; Mohsen Kolahdouzan; Pezhman Pourazari; Emad Yazdani

The Role of Intraoperative Thyroglobuline Level of Lymph Node in the Management of Papillary Thyroid Cancer (Determination of a Cutoff Point)

Volume 2017, August, August 2017, Pages 1-4

Mohsen Kolahdouzan; Mehdi Sadeghi; Behrooz Kalidari; Behnam Sanei; Elyas Mostafapour; Ashraf Aminorroaya

Evaluating validity of clinical criteria for requesting chest X-rays in trauma patients referred to emergency room

Volume 2012, July, July 2012, Pages 1-5

A Nejati; S Khalaj; Reza Azizkhani; Shahriar Shahryarian; Mohsen Kolahdouzan; Seyyed Hossein Montazer