Author = Ghaedi, Kamran
Genetic association of rs1520333 G/A polymorphism in the IL7 gene with multiple sclerosis susceptibility in Isfahan population

Volume 2014, November, November 2014, Pages 1-6

Reza Ghavimi; Meraj Pourhossein; Kamran Ghaedi; Fereshteh Alesahebfosoul; Mohamad Amin Honardoost; Mohamad Reza Maracy

Molecular cloning of Reteplase and its expression in E. coli using tac promoter

Volume 2014, september, September 2014, Pages 1-5

Safieh Aghaabdollahian; Mohammad Rabbani; Kamran Ghaedi; Hamid Mir Mohammad Sadeghi