Author = Bigdelian, Hamid
Effect of esmolol on myocardial protection in pediatrics congenital heart defects

Volume 2015, November, November 2015, Pages 1-6

Saeed Fazelifar; Hamid Bigdelian

Distribution of mediastinal ectopic thymic tissue in patients without thymic disease

Volume 2015, January, January 2015, Pages 1-3

Behnam Sanei; Seid Abbas Tabatabie; Hamid Bigdelian; Seid Mozafar Hashemi; Amir Hossein Davarpanah; Hamid Reza Jafari; Mohammad Hossein Sanei

Evaluation of effect of continuous positive airway pressure during cardiopulmonary bypass on cardiac de-airing after open heart surgery in randomized clinical trial

Volume 2014, May, May 2014, Pages 1-5

Mojtaba Mansour; Nasim Massodnia; Abolghasem Mirdehghan; Hamid Bigdelian; Gholamreza Massoumi; Zeinab Rafieipour Alavi