Author = Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi, Milad
ELISA reader does not interfere by mobile phone radiofrequency radiation

Volume 2016, june, June 2016, Pages 1-5

Seyyed Mohammad Javad Mortazavi; Hamid Reza Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi; Mohammad Reza Abdi; Milad Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi; Nayyer Sadat Mostafavi; Golshan Mahmoudi; Nafiseh Berenjkoub; Zahra Akmali; Fahimeh Hossein-Beigi; Vajiheh Arsang

Potential health concerns of trace elements and mineral content in commonly consumed greenhouse vegetables in Isfahan, Iran

Volume 2015, september, September 2015, Pages 1-4

Mohammad Reza Abdi; Khadijeh Rezaee-Ebrahim-Saraee; Mehdi Rezvani Fard; Milad Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi

Effects of gamma irradiation on microbial load and quality characteristics of veal

Volume 2013, March, March 2013, Pages 1-5

Ebrahim Rahimi; Reza Faghihi; Milad Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi; Ali Alavaian-Ghavanini; Hamid Reza Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi; Zahra Siavashpour; Afrouz Farshadi; Farzad Rafie

Investigation of patient dose from common radiology examinations in Isfahan, Iran

Volume 2012, May, May 2012, Pages 1-4

Daryoush Shahbazi-Gahrouei; Milad Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi