Author = Bagherian-Sararoudi, Reza
Effect of phone call versus face-to-face follow-up on recurrent suicide attempts prevention in individuals with a history of multiple suicide attempts

Volume 2016, November, November 2016, Pages 1-7

Seyed Ghafur Mousavi; Mohsen Amini; Behzad Mahaki; Reza Bagherian-Sararoudi

The assessment of 24 24-h urine volume by measurement of urine specific gravity with dipstick in adults with nephrolithiasis

Volume 2012, December, December 2012, Pages 1-4

Mohamad Hatef Khorami; Rasool Hashemi; Reza Bagherian-Sararoudi; Merhrdad Mohammadi Sichani; Farhad Tadayon; Amir Abbas Shahdoost; Sayed Hamid Arezegar