Author = Reza Arjmand
Treatment Outcome of the Drug-resistant Zoonotic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by Glucantime

Volume 2017, March, March 2017, Pages 1-6

Simindokht Soleimanifard; Reza Arjmand; Sedighe Saberi; Mansoor Salehi; Seyed Hossain Hejazi

In vivo/In vitro immune responses to L. major isolates from patients with no clinical response to Glucantime

Volume 2016, july, July 2016, Pages 1-6

Sedigheh Saberi; Reza Arjmand; Simindokht Soleimanifard; Ali Khamesipour; Seyed Mohsen Hosseini; Mansoor Salehi; Jaleh Varshosaz; Abbas Ali Palizban; Seyed Hossein Hejazi

Antigenic profile of heat-killed versus thimerosal-treated Leishmania major using sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Volume 2015, june, June 2015, Pages 1-4

Reza Arjmand; Simindokht Soleimani Fard; Sedigheh Saberi; Sepideh Tolouei; Ali Khamesipour; Seyed Hossein Hejazi

Identification of Leishmania isolates from Varzaneh city, Isfahan province, Iran using nested polymerase chain reaction method

Volume 2014, August, August 2014, Pages 1-4

Reza Arjmand; Sedigheh Saberi; Sepideh Tolouei; Zahra Chizari; Reza Fadaei Nobari; Simindokht Soleimani Fard; Mojtaba Akbari; Seyed Hossein Hejazi